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Taiwan Attractions

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The train station is located quite a walk from the centre of town, but you can catch a mini-bus from the stop to your right when you leave the station. The driver will be common to the phrase Taitung Bus Station, which is in the centre. It seems the bus ride is for free with the EasyCard, maybe if you used it with the train right before. But the free regime is quite unclear, whether it is in or out of Taitung – the Visitor Center claims that there is no free shuttle. On the way to the train station I rode one extra intersection and found that the Tzuchi University was next to me on the roadside.
Thus,it is better to visit here in summer because you will feel cool and refresh yourself. When the Spring Festival comes, people will crowd into Tianhou Temple to worship and pray for a safe and smooth new year. On Lantern 台東 蛋捲 Festival, Tianhou Temple will also hold a lot of activities, such as pilgrimage and bombing Lord Handan. Although this temple has experienced a long history of a hundred years, it still remains the local culture of Taitung.

The main area is very large in all of the suites, without even considering the spacious private bathrooms. A breakfast buffet, free parking, and use of the hotel gym is available for all guests. This is the ideal accommodation for travelers with young children or those who plan to spend a fair amount of time in their room, either for business or rest.
TaiTung is the eastern county of Taiwan and was where episode 8 was based. To get to TaiTung from Taipei, you need to drive through long and winding highways along the coast. It makes for a beautiful drive but can most definitely give you motion sickness too! TaiTung was one of my favourite areas of Taiwan.

The museum’s centerpiece is Guangfu Junior High School, ripped apart in the quake attack and left as is as a witness to history. It stands right on the fault involved, which runs along the base of the central mountains in this area. Visitors can stand right on the fault on the school track, now brutally deformed in sections with a two-meter-high vertical displacement. Beside the school is a newly-built dedicated museum facility with an exterior of striking visual lines. Inside, the most notable – and unnerving – attraction is the Quake Experience Theater, which simulates what Wufeng residents experienced.
A box of pineapple cakes is one of the most popular souvenir food items you can bring back from Taiwan. As its name suggests, it’s a soft and sweet traditional pastry made with butter, flour, eggs, sugar, and pineapple jam. Like ah-gei, iron eggs are a specialty of Tamsui. They’re chicken, pigeon, or quail eggs that have been repeatedly stewed in a tea, soy sauce, and spice mixture before being air-dried.
Supper served with Sashimi, made of freshly caught green fish, Ah-Bao told me his husband has to take some meat with the meal for his daily nutrition. We were trying a plan to catch crabs in the evening but a small cup of wine made me drowsy and couldn't stay any longer. I normally don't like to stay in a place like hotel, spending time with people who want to please you for economic reasons or staying with buildings of no emotions.

The dough was one of the best I’ve had and I’m already looking forward to going back. "On My Way Taitung Hostel" is located near Taitung train station, there is only 3 mins by walk. Each room has a window, WIFI, beds are accompanied by a small lamp and international outlet. Please bring your towels, toothbrush and toothpaste. Beinan Pig blood jelly soup has a 36-year history in Taitung.
You can find beef noodle soup anywhere in the country but two highly regarded places are Tao-Yuan Street Beef Noodle Shop in Taipei and Gang Yuan Beef Noodles in Kaohsiung. Both were excellent, though the latter may have been slightly better as their noodles seemed springier in texture. Their set meals are some of my favorite on the island, all very traditional with some flair here and there.

But even if you aren’t, the area is largely shaded and features lots of games, and during the weekdays there’s still a fair amount to do. If you don’t choose to rest instead, I’d spend about 2 hours here. Note that the bao shop near the metro has okay bao, but the cafes are real price gaugers .
It’s then served on top of a bowl of steamed rice, often with a side of hardboiled egg that’s been simmered in the same soy sauce mixture. Min-shu is rather popular for ordinary residents to make extra income in Tatung area these days. Peng-chuan-yin, a long time friend of my sister, arranged a lunch banquet in a mountainous area near Tai-ma-li for a bunch of friends several days ago.
We plan on leaving for Taichung tomorrow morning and will be back in Taipei next Sunday. I was feeling a bit frustrated this afternoon about not having had planned things out better and “wasting time” in Taipei when we could be seeing other cities since we have plenty of time here later. But I know I have to keep reminding myself that it’s okay if we aren’t going to see everything and that “seeing everything” isn’t the point of this trip. Those of you who know me well know that I love to plan things out – especially trips and figuring out the logistics of everything. So to wing something like this is a bit foreign to me. I know it will take some time to adjust and maybe at the end of it I’ll be a different type of traveler.

A small noodle dish with minced pork, prawn, bean sprouts, black vinegar, garlic, soy sauce, egg, and cilantro. Also sometimes called Danzi Noodles or Slack Season Ta-a Noodles. Whole grilled abalones are a common delicacy served in many night markets. They are easy to spot because there is usually a grill totally covered with them. A unique specialty of Orchid Island and considered sacred by the local Tao people.
Or some other filling combination, of which there are many combos. Then served chopped with some sauce, such as sweet soy sauce or sweet and spicy sauce. Hualien is known throughout Taiwan for muaji – cakes made of sticky, glutinous rice and stuffed with sweet fillings – and biǎnshí, a type of wanton or dumplings in soup, filled with pork and shrimp. Its night markets are great places to try these and other dishes – the most central is the small but diverse Ziqiang Rd Nightmarket, while Nanbin Night Market is bigger but harder to get to. Taichung is an excellent place to gorge on Taiwanese food and the night markets offer a good introduction to the local specialities. Sampling the famous snacks on Jishan Street is an essential part of any visit to Jiufen, with fish ball soup, taro balls and roasted mushrooms the most celebrated.

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